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    CoFlex Bandages by Andover Healthcare

    CoFlex Bandages by Andover Healthcare in Horses

    Economical equine bandage; flexible, strong support. Breathable nylon-based, self-adhesive wrap protects any horse wound, limb, or dressing. Offers lightweight compression and will not cut off circulation when used as directed. Each layer conveniently bonds to the next for fast and simple use. Non…

    As low as $2.49
    Vetrap for Dogs

    Vetrap for Dogs in Dogs

    * Lightweight and self-adhesive wound dressing * Porous material allows skin to breathe for faster healing * Stretches and sticks without pulls to dog hair or skin Protect your dog's wounds and minor abrasions with this self-adhesive wrap - it requires no pins, clips, or tape to stay in place. Cool,…

    As low as $2.99
    PowerFlex Bandages by Andover Healthcare

    PowerFlex Bandages by Andover Healthcare in Horses

    The strongest horse bandage available... Unique, flexible self-adhesive wrap offers 23 lbs of tensile strength to protect and support any horse limb, hoof, wound, muscle, tail, and more. Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable design is abrasion-, sweat-, and water-resistant. Will not slip or…

    As low as $3.99

    H-Leggings in Dogs

    H-Leggings dog leggings are specifically designed to comfortably prevent your dog from accessing sore, irritated areas on his forelegs that require time to heal. H-Legs fit snugly, yet comfortably, and they're flexible to allow for full range of motion. If your dog has an allergic reaction, hotspot,…

    As low as $20.99
4 results Showing per page Page  of 1

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