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    Rubber-Bottomed Knit Dog Socks

    …-Bottomed Knit Dog Socks are also great for boosting traction indoors, for warming arthritic dogs, or for protecting sensitive leg or paw areas after surgery. Machine washable and dryable. 4-pack of socks. To determine proper fit, measure your dog's paw length.Please specify 4-pack sock color: Red or Black…

    As low as $10.99

    RC Pet Products Dog Pawks Socks

    Keep dog paws safe and warm in cooler weather inside the house. Fashion print slipper socks with PVC gel paw print on bottom improve traction on slippery surfaces and can save hardwood floors from being scratched. They can also be used to protect healing paw wounds, to help cushion joints, or after surgery…

    As low as $9.99

    Eshopps Micron Bag Holder and Micron Bags

    …filtration system * Enhance mechanical filtration to trap unsightly aquarium debris * Upgrade sump filtration system for clearer aquarium water Filter socks stay hidden out of the way in the sump, but they are a boon for clear aquarium water. Micron filter bags provide excellent mechanical filtration that…

    As low as $35.99

    CPR Aquatic SOCK-It DX Sump Inlet Assembly

    Adjustable pre-filter fits assorted sump types for easy enhanced mechanical filtration. CPR Aquatic Sock-It Sump Inlet Pre-filter is newly designed to install onto horizontal or vertical sump walls. Custom install mechanical pre-filter onto standard vertical sump walls up to 1 3/8" wide or horizontal…

    As low as $24.99

    Dog Breed Socks

    A great gift for any pet lover or a treat foryour own feet! Designed to wick awaymoisture; feet stay dry and healthy. 75%cotton, 20% nylon, 5% spandex. Fits adultshoe sizes 6-8-1/2. Machine washable Please specify breed: Boxer, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund,German Shepherd, Golden Retriever,…

    As low as $8.99

    Cat Breed Socks

    A great gift for any pet lover or a treat for your own feet! Designedto wick away moisture; feet stay dry and healthy. 75% cotton, 20%nylon, 5% spandex. Fits adult shoe sizes 6-9. Machine washable. 1 pair.Please specify style: Calico, Cats,Orange Tabby, Ragamuffin, Siamese, Silver Tabby,or Tuxedo…

    As low as $7.99

    ProFlex Sumps

    …water height wall with removable thumb screws allows simple reconfiguration. Noise-reducing, bubble diffuser chamber and two 200 micron pre-filter socks remove air bubbles and large particles before aquarium water enters the main sump chamber. Ample sump space ensures convenient placement of optional…

    As low as $189.99

    Flip Top Mesh Bag Finch Feeder

    This nylon mesh finch feeder's user-friendly flip top makes filling thistle easier than ever before. This feeder is a very economical way to feed nyjer seed to finches because it is inexpensive to purchase and can be reused many times, thanks to heavy-duty nylon mesh construction. The black mesh is…

    As low as $2.99

    Innovative Marine NUVO SR-Series Aquarium Kit

    …filtration system, keeping equipment discreetly hidden yet readily accessible for routine maintenance. Reef-ready system includes two 200-micron filter socks that remove detritus and organic waste for immaculate water clarity. Designated Heater/Media Reactor column and Skimmer & Media Reactor column allow…

    As low as $1500.00

    Cavallo Pastern Wraps

    Provide extra comfort and protection for booted horses. Cavallo Pastern Wraps is the ideal accessory for barefoot horses with sensitive skin. Like socks for humans, Pastern Wraps offer an additional layer between your horse and the hoof boots. Velcro® brand strap secures neoprene Pastern Wraps to prevent…

    As low as $12.99

    Cashel Boomer's Hock Sock

    Provide a secure wrap to protect difficult to manage horse hocks. Cashel Boomer's Hock Sock is designed to simplify the task of bandaging and treating the hock. Innovative all-in-one bandage features elastic straps with hook and loop closures that allow easy application. Adjust the tension and placement…

    As low as $44.96

    Finch Station Feeders by Kaytee

    …the way during filling. The mesh feeder socks attach to the reservoir easily by elastic band and hooks. Finch Station holds a single sock, but includes two so you have a spare. Finch Station 2 holds two socks, but includes four so you have a spare set. Sock Replacements are also available... Feeder…

    As low as $10.99

    Cobalt Power Gravel Cleaner Hang-On Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

    Innovative power siphon cleans aquarium substrate without removing water. Cobalt Power Gravel Cleaner revolutionizes aquarium maintenance with greater convenience and efficiency. Removing unsightly debris from gravel or substrate is no longer restricted to scheduled water changes or the use of…

    As low as $59.99

    Thistle Sock Multi-Packs

    * Hang multiple finch thistle socks in your yard to attract flocking finches * Thistle sock finch feeder prevents seed mold and rot * An easy and economical gift idea for the wild bird lover in your life Finches cling right onto the soft but durable nylon bag so you can feed multiple birds at once. Durable…

    As low as $4.99

    Finch Sock Feeder with Nyjer Thistle

    * Thistle sock finch feeder prevents seed mold and rot * Economical wild bird feeder comes prefilled with Nyjer Thistle Seed * Refillable feeder can feed multiple birds at the same time Simple, economical and refillable sock feeder serves as many finches that care to cling to its soft sides. Ingenious…

    As low as $4.99

    Pond Mini Vac

    …Pond Leaf Eater can be used as a surface skimmer to remove leaves and other filter-clogging debris or as a bottom cleaner. Use optional nylon Silt Sock to trap silt and fine debris. Requires handle or telescopic pole.--->Pond Mini Vac Includes: Debris bag, hose adapter, wheel suction nozzle, and a smooth…

    As low as $19.99
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