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Drs. Overview: Filtration


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    Lava Cage Accessories

    Lava Cage Accessories in Small Pets

    * Porous lava cage accessories offer your small pet exercise and health benefits * A colorful and beneficial way to liven up your pet's living environment * Safely colored with pet-safe food coloring Simulate innate perching activity for your chinchilla, rat, or sugar glider. Porous cage accessories…

    As low as $4.99
    Critter Ka-Bobs for Small Pets

    Critter Ka-Bobs for Small Pets in Small Pets

    …shapes may vary) Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, or other small pets Large Kit 10" 1 pack each of Veggie Bites, Apple Orchard Sticks, and Lava Bites Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, or other small pets --->Each includes metal quick link so you can easily hang the skewer within your…

    As low as $3.99
    Lixit Blue Cloud Rock

    Lixit Blue Cloud Rock in Small Pets

    …This lava rock provides the chewing satisfaction that your small pet needs, and this pumice lasts longer than wood. For chinchillas, as they chew the rock, the dust becomes the Blue Cloud dust that they love so much. Guinea pigs and other small pets also enjoy this easy to chew, long-lasting lava-rock…

    As low as $3.99
    Lava 'n Wood Chew Toy

    Lava 'n Wood Chew Toy in Small Pets

    Satisfy chewing urges while keeping teeth healthy and strong with a wood and pumice chew toy. Pumice stones are made from natural lava, providing the mildly abrasive surface perfect for cleaning small pet teeth. Wood pieces help trim teeth and satisfy chewing needs. Pieces are strung on rope, ready…

    As low as $3.99
    LIXIT Lava Chew for Birds

    LIXIT Lava Chew for Birds in Birds

    Pamper your pet bird with a natural beak grooming station. Simply install LIXIT Lava Chew for Birds to encourage beak-cleaning behavior. Natural lava stone removes food and conditions beak while providing an outlet for chewing behavior. Stainless steel washers resist corrosion for secure mounting on…

    As low as $5.99
    Laguna Biological Pond Filter Media (Lava Rock)

    Laguna Biological Pond Filter Media (Lava Rock) in Ponds

    Ensure healthy populations of beneficial bacterial essential for pond biological filtration. Laguna Biological Pond Filter Media (Lava Rock) features a large, porous surface area capable of hosting large populations of beneficial bacteria that biologically filter out harmful toxins. Place in the appropriate…

    As low as $15.99
    Atlantic Water Gardens Bio-Rocks

    Atlantic Water Gardens Bio-Rocks in Ponds

    …biological filtration. Atlantic Water Gardens Bio-Rocks is a smart, lightweight alternative to conventional pond bio-media, weighing 25% less than lava rock and 60% less than construction gravel to reduce heavy lifting during installation and maintenance.Expanded clay bio-media provides ample surface…

    As low as $15.99

    Biological Media: Types & Benefits in Fish

    …bio media if you are unable to dislodge the clogs with aquarium water.Types of Biological MediaRock-LikePorous rock-like media, such as zeolite or lava rock, are practical for filling the relatively small media areas inside canister filters. They are readily available, inexpensive, and have an extremely…


    Repotting Pond Plants in Ponds

    …basket. Add fertilizer tablets, spaced as recommended, and then fill potting media around the plant up to an inch of the crown. Fill the last inch with lava rock or small river rock up to the crown. This will keep loose planting media from floating up as you lower the plant onto the planting shelf. Some…


    Drs. Overview: Filtration in Ponds

    …FiltrationBiological filters use nature's nitrogen cycle to detoxify organic waste products. A colony of ammonia-eating bacteria grows in the filter's biomedia (lava rock, plastic pin balls, foam, and so on) and breaks down decaying waste into less dangerous nutrients. Keeping your pond free from ammonia is essential…

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