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    Drs. Foster and Smith Sherpa Sleeper Dog Bed

    …24" x 10-1/2" high Large 31" x 22" 6" 43" x 28" x 11-1/2" high How to Measure Your Pet for a Bed: First measure the area covered while your pet is lying down, then add 12". Or view our handy breed size chart here >You might also like our Luxury Pillow Couch, or see all our Dog Beds.Please click on "More…

    As low as $109.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Lounger Dog Bed

    This luxurious dog bed features an ultra-soft, pebble pattern on its top and bottom surfaces. This unique fabric looks like padded leather, has a heavy duty wear rating, and cleans easily. Your dog will adore this bed's softness; you'll enjoy the ability to change the bed color with a simple flip! The…

    As low as $69.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Luxe Bark Lounger

    …Lounger dog bed also includes machine-washable, zippered liners. Small 38" x 26" Medium 44" x 32" Large 50" x 38" Please specify Wine striped suede with Gray plush, Tan striped suede with Sage plush, or Chocolate striped suede with Tan Plush. Shop all dog beds.How to Measure Your Pet for a Bed: First…

    As low as $89.99

    Chaise Lounger Dog Bed

    dog will simply adore this bed's super-thick sleeping area, which contains multiple polyfilled baffles for maximum softness. The zippered, machine-washable bed cover features faux suede sides and matching piping. Please specify: Tan or Chocolate.Shop all dog beds How to Measure Your Pet for a Bed: First…

    As low as $59.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Blanket-Top Luxury Sleeper Dog Bed

    …bottom removes for machine washing. Overall bed height measures 5.5" to 6". Bed size Dimensions Small 30" x 20" Medium 40" x 30" Large 50" x 40" Colors: Chocolate/Tan, Tan/Chocolate, or Olive/Cream.Shop all Dog Beds & Throws. How to Measure Your Pet for a Bed: First measure the area covered while your…

    As low as $69.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Overstuffed Luxury Sofa Dog Bed

    …fillfrom bunching. Bolster cover isremovable and machine washable. Sorry, this bed cannot be personalized. Please specify color. Colors: Chocolate, Olive, or Tan.See all our Dog Beds. Size Outer Inner Small 30" x 20" 19" x 14" Large 40" x 30" 26" x 20" XLarge 54" x 36" 34" x 24" Please click on "More Information…

    As low as $119.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion Dog Beds

    Energy-saving thermal dog bed keeps your pet warm without wires or batteries! Unique inner core insulates and reflects body heat to your dog, and thick plush polyester fibers keep him cozy. Place cushion in cage, crate, or on the floor for a convenient source of comforting warmth. Attractive design…

    As low as $39.99

    Simmons Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

    The Simmons Memory Foam Dog Bed combines pillow-top softness with the just-right support of an inner memory foam layer. Brought to you by Simmons, this high-quality, stylish dog bed looks great in any home while giving your pet a place to call home. The bed's tufted pillow top is sewn right into the…

    As low as $79.89

    Designer Cot Dog Bed

    * Use designer dog bed for camping, traveling, lounging outdoors, and more! * Mesh sleep surface lets water pass through - bed stays dryer for pet comfort * Steel-framed, fold-down design is intended for long-term use Unlike other outdoor dog beds or cots, water passes right through this one - no pooling…

    As low as $39.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Comfort Elite Sofa Dog Bed

    …Comfort Elite Sofa dog bed is a breeze, thanks to its zippered, removable liners and zippered, machine-washable cover with non-slip bottom. Bed size dimensions Small 26" x 19" x 8" high Medium 33" x 24" x 8.5" high Large 41" x 30" x 9" high Colors: Chocolate or Leaf.Shop all Dog Beds & Throws. How to Measure…

    As low as $79.99

    Extreme Outback Log Cabin

    …high pets up to 40 lbs Medium 45.5" x 26.4" x 29.5" high pets up to 70 lbs Large 45.5" x 33" x 32.8" high pets up to 95 lbs Giant 48" x 45.5" x 40" high pets 95 lbs+ For added protection in cold climates, add the Outback Dog Home Insulation Kit. This insulating kit is made with a washable and water-resistant…

    As low as $109.99

    KandH Coolin' Gel Pad

    …freezing. It can be placed on top the cover of any dog bed during the warmest seasons to relieve your pet. The soft polyester/nylon cover is water resistant, and the interior contains nontoxic gel that automatically stays cool while disseminating your dog's body heat. Better still, the pad is reusable over…

    As low as $8.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed

    Not only does this dog bed provide den-like bolster support on three sides, but it also warms your pet without electricity. This unique bed has a thermal layer, quilted right into the plush sleeping area, that reflects your pet's own body heat. The ideal choice for dogs that get chilled easily, such…

    As low as $69.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Traditional Slumber Nest Dog Bed

    …Personalization available... for Large and XLarge Slumber Nests only.How to Measure Your Pet for a Slumber Nest: First measure the area covered while your pet is lying down, then add 7". Or view our useful breed size chart here >See all our Dog Beds.Please click on "More Information" for bed care instructions.

    As low as $34.99

    West Paw Design Heyday Dog Bed

    …Recommendations Heyday Dog Bed Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions Recommended for Dogs Small 28" x 19" x 5" high 16.5" x 8" 19 lbs & Under Medium 32" x 22" x 5" high 19" x 10" 20-39 lbs Large 40" x 27" x 5" high 25" x 16" 40-59 lbs XLarge 46" x 32" x 5" high 30" x 18" Over 60 lbs Shop all Dog Beds.Sorry, personalization…

    As low as $55.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith OrthoLuxe Lounger

    …for older and arthritic dogs, but irresistible for all dogs. Plus, the end bolster overstuffed with our MiracleLoft® polyfil made from recycled soda bottles gives dogs a built-in "pillow" perfect for leaning against and propping weary heads. The OrthoLuxe Lounger dog bed features a zippered cover…

    As low as $64.99

    Luxury Sofa Dog Bed

    …is the dog bed you've been waiting for. Luxury Sofa Dog Bed boasts a 7" thick foam core that keeps its shape without wavering, even under the weight of heavy dogs or dogs that shift their sleep position frequently. Your pet will never again touch a hard, cold floor while sleeping on this bed, which makes…

    As low as $169.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith 4' x 6' Ultimate Classic Dog Bed

    …6' classic bed so you can once again give your pooch maximum room to sprawl - or accommodate multiple dogs. The Ultimate Classic Dog Bed is an inspired blend of support and cushioning that helps dogs lounge in absolute contentment. Exclusive, time-tested tube-baffle liner inside this bed guarantees uniform…

    As low as $159.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Chesterfield Dog Bed

    dog bed reminiscent of a Chesterfield sofa * Ultra-comfy micro-suede dog bed boasts ultimate curl-up comfort * Quality-constructed dog bed features durable machine washable covers This bed's sumptuous sophistication and sink-in softness pamper tired pets with soothing sleep. The Chesterfield Bed elevates…

    As low as $79.99

    KandH Tufted Pillow Top Bed

    dog bed in its place, even with rambunctious dogs or restless sleepers. Zippered cover removes easily for machine washing. Sorry, personalization not available... Tufted Pillow Top Bed Dimensions Small 36" x 27" x 6" high Large 44" x 35" x 6" high Please specify Chocolate or Gray.Shop all dog beds.…

    As low as $69.99

    Luxury Crate Pads with Outlast

    …increases safety * 2" thick pad provides excellent support for dogs of all ages, including older dogs * Multiple pad sizes fit most popular pet crates and carriers Even Goldilocks would find this pad "just right" - because this luxury dog crate pad is designed with Outlast fabric technology to keep your…

    As low as $39.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Luxury Chaise Lounge Dog Bed

    …. Size Outer Inner Small 36" x 21" 30" x 16" Medium 42" x 24" 38" x 20" Large 48" x 28" 45" x 24" XLarge 54" x 36" 50" x 31" See all our Dog Beds.How to Measure Your Dog for a Bed: First measure the area covered while your dog is lying down, then add 12". Or view our handy breed size chart here > Please…

    As low as $99.99

    KandH Memory Foam Cozy Sofa

    …wash dog bed cover for extreme ease of care. K&H Memory Foam Cozy Sofa is recommended for indoor use and is available... in 3 sizes. White Chocolate.Specifications Memory Foam Cozy Sofa Dimensions Small 25" x 19" x 8" high --> Medium 33" x 24" x 9" high Large 41" x 31" x 10" high Shop all Dog Beds.Please…

    As low as $139.99

    KandH Pet Cots and Canopies

    …its border and a breathable mesh sleep surface. Design encourages good airflow and heat escape to keep your dog cool - even on the warmest days. Medium Cot measures 32" x 25" x 7" high; Large Cot measures 30" x 42" x 7" high. The Cooling Pet Cot is constructed similarly, but offers a non-removable gel…

    As low as $15.99
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