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FAQs: Heating

Summer Healthcare Guide: 5 Keys to Success

Electric Heating Pad

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    Drs. Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion for Cats

    Drs. Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion for Cats in Cats

    …cat bed works like an electric blanket without the electricity! Patterned on the front, with coordinating solid fabric on the back, this pad features a core layer of thermo-reflective material that uses your cat's own body heat to warm the entire cushion - no cords or electricity costs! Soon to become…

    As low as $17.49
    Self-Warming Crate Pad

    Self-Warming Crate Pad in Dogs

    …microfleece pad makes any crate more comfy and includes a reflective inner layer that bounces your pet's body heat right back to him. No cords to plug in and zero electricity costs. Pad features slit corners, which provide a good fit in crates that are a bit smaller than the pad. The bottom of the pad has stay…

    As low as $11.99
    Drs. Foster and Smith Self-Warming Deluxe Quilted Hammocks

    Drs. Foster and Smith Self-Warming Deluxe Quilted Hammocks in Dogs

    …backseat and keep your pet cozy warm without electricity. Made of hard-wearing, easy-clean microfibre suede and plush polyester. Resists stains and soiling. Thermal core found inside the plush material reflects your pet's body heat back to warm without electricity. available... in Full-size 55" x 56-1/2"Single…

    As low as $59.99

    Heated Cat Beds and Pads in Cats

    …polyfil pillow base. The heating unit uses only 4 watts, which adds up to just pennies per month in energy costs - even when it's plugged in continuously. The heating unit can also be removed from the bed seasonally or anytime heat is not needed. K&H Extreme Weather Heated Kitty Pad provides an essential…

    Heated Whelping Nest

    Heated Whelping Nest in Dogs

    …electronic heat sensor then constantly gauges the temperature and adjusts it accordingly. No need to use newspapers or blankets. Plus, the Heated Whelping Nest is easy for the mother to keep clean. The Heated Whelping Nest features two sturdy cords - a 6-ft power cord that runs to the electrical outlet,…

    As low as $249.95

    FAQs: Heating in Reptiles

    …ceramic heat emitters, heat pads, under tank heaters, incandescent heat bulbs, and other heating products. Just plug the heating devices into the rheostat, and then use the dial on the rheostat to adjust how much electricity goes to the heating devices. This will cause them to create more or less heat, depending…


    Expert Aquarium Placement Tips in Fish

    …make sure that it has adequate ventilation. This helps control mold and other cultures that thrive in humid areas and also keeps heat buildup to a minimum. Are electrical outlets and a water source nearby?Electric outlets need to be close enough that you can plug in aquarium equipment without having…


    Summer Healthcare Guide: 5 Keys to Success in Dogs

    …from sunscreen on sensitive areas like the nose and ear tips (baby formula sunscreen works best). If hiking on rocky terrain, check your pet's paw pads often to make sure they're not getting injured. Our Recommendations: Doggles, Handi-Drink, Advantage® II, Omega-3 Gel Caps, Drs. Foster & Smith Signature…


    Leopard Gecko in Reptiles

    The Leopard Gecko is one of the easiest lizards to care for. They need very little in the way of electrical equipment, and their housing is easy to maintain. Leopard Geckos are small and easy to handle. They are nocturnal, and though they spend most of the day hiding, they can be observed during their…


    New Small Pet? How to Get Ready in Small Pets

    You've picked a new pet. You've read all about his needs – habitat, food, water, heat, light, and more – and decided that you have the time, space, and financial resources you need to become a pet parent. To help you get off to a good start, here are some recommendations on what to do before you…

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