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"Dogs In Heat"

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    Disposable Diapers

    Leak-proof diapers absorb wetness due to leaks, accidents, heat cycles and incontinence problems. Adjustable tabs won't stick to fur, and small opening on top of diaper accommodates your dog's tail. Repositionable, fur-friendly fasteners provide secure leg fit for comfortable, no-leak fit. Breathable…

    As low as $8.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Female Pet Bloomers

    …female dogs that are incontinent or in heat * Wide closure ensures convenient, secure fit * Contour-forming elastic trim * Completely machine washable Solve three common problems with one comfortable sanitary garment for your female dog. Originally made to soak up messes related to female heat cycles…

    As low as $12.99

    Vet's+Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Diapers for Female Dogs

    Convenient, disposable diapers specially designed for female dogs help prevent accidents and leakage. Whether your dog is in heat, suffering from urinary incontinence, or leaking urine when she's overexcited, these easy-on/easy-off diapers are ideal for mess containment. They're also extremely helpful…

    As low as $7.49


    …treats approx 363 cups. For animals eight years old or older, increase the serving sizeto 1/2 tsp per cup of food.Store Prozyme in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat. (Do not use Prozyme with hot gravy, hot food, etc.) Please click on "More Information" for dosage, ingredients, and guaranteed…

    As low as $24.99

    Collapsible Dog Bowls

    …need to feed him on the go. These collapsible dog bowls are made of heat-resistant silicone. They pop in and out of shape in seconds for sturdy feeding and compact storage. Stay-put bottom prevents spills and tipping. Gently angled sides ease your dog's access. Dishwasher safe, 24 oz bowl. Each measure…

    As low as $7.99

    Kumfy Tailz Pet Harness

    dogs exchange the most heat. By using Kumfy Tailz harnesses, you and your dog can enjoy the outdoors longer without worrying about the extreme summer or winter weather. Utilizing an elongated back strap with lowered D-ring it virtually eliminates choking and tracheal stress by distributing your dog's

    As low as $7.99

    Simple Solution Fashion Print Disposable Diapers

    …be better than dog diapers that do both? Padded diapers with fashionable print design in gingham or polka dots do a great job of keeping urine or other discharge off furniture, floors, or dog beds. Diapers are great for keeping moisture under control for incontinent dogs, dogs in heat, longer trips,…

    As low as $9.99

    Estradiol (Generic)

    …the heat cycle) in horses. In the past it was used to prevent pregnancy (mis-mate shot) in dogs and cats, and to treat urinary incontinence, but is generally not recommended for those purposes now since other therapies are available... Who is it for?Estradiol is for horses, and rarely for dogs and cats…

    As low as $0.40

    PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door

    …rain, snow, insects, heat and more - without sacrifice to your pet's outdoor freedom. Offers over four times the energy efficiency of traditional single-flap dog doors. Helps reduce your home's energy costs. Each flexible, nontoxic vinyl flap is light enough for the smallest dog to pass through, but…

    As low as $54.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed

    Not only does this dog bed provide den-like bolster support on three sides, but it also warms your pet without electricity. This unique bed has a thermal layer, quilted right into the plush sleeping area, that reflects your pet's own body heat. The ideal choice for dogs that get chilled easily, such…

    As low as $69.99

    Metro Air Force Commander Pet Dryer

    …Powerful, professional dog dryer cuts dry time to provide quality grooming to more dogs in less time * Dual-mounted legs let you use this dryer horizontally or vertically * Two speeds let you customize the drying to both small and large breed dogs Provide quality grooming to more dogs in less time with a powerful…

    As low as $192.95

    Drs. Foster and Smith Self Warming Cuddle Ball

    …with a layer of self-warming material, which reflects your dog's body heat back to him. Provides warming comfort to your pet without electronic cords. The cozy microfleece sleep surface offers a sink-in, cradling design to surround your pet in softness. Bed features polyester twill sides and a nonslip…

    As low as $45.49

    Drs. Foster and Smith Exclusive Fairbanks Coat

    The Fairbanks Coat wraps your dog in waterproof, windproof protection for cozy warmth even in the worst weather. Tough, ripstop nylon offers breathable comfort. Fleece lining, a wide collar, and full tummy coverage preserve your dog's body heat. The Fairbanks Coat features a leash opening, reflective…

    As low as $16.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion Dog Beds

    Energy-saving thermal dog bed keeps your pet warm without wires or batteries! Unique inner core insulates and reflects body heat to your dog, and thick plush polyester fibers keep him cozy. Place cushion in cage, crate, or on the floor for a convenient source of comforting warmth. Attractive design…

    As low as $39.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Self Warming Cuddle Ball

    …layer of self-warming material, which reflects your cat's body heat back to her. Provides warming comfort to your pet without electronic cords. The cozy microfleece sleep surface offers a sink-in, cradling design to surround your pet in softness. Bed features polyester twill sides and a nonslip bottom…

    As low as $45.49

    Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Quilted Cargo Liner

    …microfiber suede quilted with our MiracleLoft® high-loft polyfil. Simply lay flat in the cargo area of your SUV.--> Heated Deluxe Liner addsa special inner layer of thermo-reflectivematerial to warm your pet using hisown body heat. Poly/cotton exterior.Polypropylene backing hugs carpeting to minimizeslippage…

    As low as $31.99

    Cooling Bandana for Dogs

    …closures keep the bandana in place. Reflective tape helps to spot your dog at night. Heat exposure can quickly sicken or kill a dog. By using our Cooling Bandana, you can aid in your dog's relief stylishly, quickly, safely, and cheaply. Easy to use with a comfortable design, your dog won't want to spend another…

    As low as $4.99

    Juneau Coat for Dogs

    Keep the warmth in, the chill out, with this insulating winter coat for dogs. Juneau is a breathable coat that helps insulate body heat, which is great for any pet but especially important for shorthair or thin-coated pets. Waterproof, windproof nylon exterior features reflective hip tape at the seams…

    As low as $14.99

    Cooling Coat by Hurtta

    dogs cannot perspire to cool down the way we humans do, exposure to summertime heat can be a dangerous challenge for them. Cooling Coat is a revolutionary way to make your dog more comfortable in hot weather and exposure to direct sun. Ideal for summer training, outdoor competitions and shows, and dogs

    As low as $39.99

    Hugs Pet Products Arctic Freeze Chew Toys for Dogs

    Simply freeze for a cool, refreshing way to beat the heat! Hugs Pet Products Arctic Freeze Chew Toys for Dogs help pets enjoy the dog days of summer by keeping them cool as they chew and play. Durable chew toys feature a no-leak design and stay frozen longer for lasting refreshment. Versatile toys are…

    As low as $7.99

    KandH Thermo Dog Bed

    heating element * Great bed for older dogs with arthritis or other joint conditions * Make a drafty room, garage, or basement more comfortable for pets Warm your pet without wasting electricity with this energy-efficient heated dog bed. This bed's smart technology activates when your pet lies in it…

    As low as $42.49

    Camouflage Dog Jacket

    …best friend, the Camouflage Dog Jacket is the perfect choice. You'll easily keep your pet warm, dry, and looking field-ready. This waterproof, yet breathable, dog jacket surrounds your pet in 600-denier nylon lined with 100 g thermo-bonded fiberfill to hold in body heat and block cold winds even on…

    As low as $28.00

    Ice-Free Heated Waterers

    …water in temps down to 20°F below zero*Thermostatically-controlled bowls boast safe, low-energy use*6-foot chew-proof cords plug into any 120V outlet If your dog spends any amount of time outdoors in the winter, a heated water bowl is a must.These thermostat-controlled bowls prevent your dog's water…

    As low as $22.99

    SnuggleSafe Microwave Heatpad

    …has cute pawprint design, and is washable. Rigid plastic Disc is 8-1/2" in diameter x 1" thick.Shop all Dog Cold Weather Essentials.Shop all Puppy Care Beds and Bedding.Shop All Aids for Arthritic Dogs. --->Shop all Cat Heated Beds.Please click on "More Information" to view usage and cleaning instructions…

    As low as $27.99
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