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"Doggie Door"

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    Dog Mate Dog Doors

    …wants to. The Dog Mate Dog Door is ideal for pet parents who work long hours, or for households with dogs who need to go outside to urinate on a frequent basis. Dog Mate Dog Doors are designed for installation in all doors and walls up to 2" thick*. Choose from 2 dog door sizes, both of which include…

    As low as $43.99

    PetSafe Deluxe Patio Panels

    …access to the outside from your sliding glass door! This airtight panel fits your patio door frame with door partially open. Once installed, stays stationary when opening and closing the patio door and can be used on either left- or right-opening doors. Adjusts to a frame height of 76-3/4" to 81" (measured…

    As low as $156.99

    Small Dog/Large Cat Door

    * Economical pet door seals with magnetic closure * Silent action and see-through design with 4-way locking system * Fits most doors, windows, and screens White pet door features 4-way magnetic closure: in only, out only, completely open, or completely locked. Fits pets with shoulder heights up to 14…

    As low as $24.99

    Bug Off Instant Screen Door

    …tools and no damage to door frame Say goodbye to slammed screen doors and doors left wide open, and at the same time let your dog come and go without your assistance. Bug Off Instant Screen Door installs in minutes without tools to transform any door into an airy doggie door that closes on its own.…

    As low as $41.99

    Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

    …, placemat use Caramel, or Dark Chocolate --> Super Shammy 31" x 14" 7X Dog bath towel, travel, pet shows Beige Soggy Doggy Doormats are also available... to place at your back door to stop paw messes from entering your home.Please click on "More Information" for care instructions.

    As low as $19.99

    Soggy Doggy Doormats

    …Soggy Doggy at your back door to stop paw messes and water from entering your home. This velvety-soft doormat feels feather soft under the feet, but has extremely durable microfiber chenille construction that absorbs 5X more water than regular cotton rugs. Each of the "noodles" in Soggy Doggy is made…

    As low as $39.99

    Cuddle Me Dry Doggie Drying Towel w/Snap-On Mitts

    …cloths" during bathing. They make a great way to clean paws, behind ears, and more. The mitts are also great for wiping your pet's paws at the back door after he's been outside in wet/sloppy conditions. Cuddle Me Dry is double-sided; when one side is soaked or dirty, simply flip it over and use the other…

    As low as $14.99

    GroomMitt and Paw Mitt

    …mitts also eliminate after-bath cleanup and unwanted doggy dry-off shakes. Ideal for all dogs, but especially big dogs. The 5" x 5" Paw Mitt, perfect for daily use, keeps paws clean and healthy. Keep a pack in the car and by each exterior house door to minimize dirty paw prints on seats and other household…

    As low as $5.99
8 results Showing per page Page  of 1

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