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Toy Selection Guide for Ferrets

Cat Furniture Replacement Parts

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    Drs. Foster and Smith Replacement Cat Tree Sisal Posts

    Drs. Foster and Smith Replacement Cat Tree Sisal Posts in Cats

    * Replace the sisal post on any of our cat trees or towers * Keep sisal looking new, even with serious scratchers Keep your cat's furniture looking like the day you bought it with a replacement sisal post. Our cat trees and climbers are among the most durable available... yet serious scratchers may eventually…

    As low as $13.99
    Accessories for Kitty’scape Modular Play Towers

    Accessories for Kitty’scape Modular Play Towers in Cats

    …Kitty'scape play tower or replace worn parts. These accessories let you create a limitless array of ramps, scratching centers and bridges. These accessories let you come up with a configuration that fits your space and your cat's preferences - for a personalized alternative to traditional cat trees. Every piece…

    As low as $3.99

    Prevent Cat Scratching with the "3 D's" in Cats

    ….--> No matter what tempting option you provide to replace your own furniture, a pinch or spray of catnip on the new scratching area will further encourage her to seek it out.DULL your cat's claws to reduce damage. Trimming your cat's nails as part of her regular grooming routine is one of the most effective…


    Puppy Proofing Your Home in Dogs

    Puppies have a tremendous amount of energy and natural curiosity, and they love to explore the world around them. This is part of what makes them so much fun, but it can also lead them into harmful situations. Before you bring your new puppy home, make sure you survey your home for potential dangers…


    Toy Selection Guide for Ferrets in Small Pets

    …in the plastic, or any parts that are loose and could be ingested. If there is anything wrong with the toy, throw it away immediately and replace it.It is our responsibility as ferret owners to make sure that our ferrets are the healthiest and happiest that they can be. Part of this is providing them…


    Leopard Gecko Habitats, How to Create in Reptiles

    …be something that you can easily clean and replace, and it should not create any type of dust. Improper use of substrate can result in infection, respiratory problems, and toxic reactions. Substrates to avoid include cedar, pine, hardwood chips, gravel, cat litter, sawdust, and corncob bedding. Safe…


    Bearded Dragon Habitats, How to Create in Reptiles

    …, or indoor/outdoor carpet. Do NOT use cedar shavings, gravel, crushed corn cob, kitty litter, wood shavings, or potting soil that contains vermiculite, pesticides, fertilizer, or wetting agents.Landscaping, "Furniture," and PlantsYour Bearded Dragon will enjoy an assortment of branches for climbing…

7 results Showing per page Page  of 1

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