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"Bone Hard Chews"

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    Nylabone Big Chews for Dogs

    …chewers*Bones are virtually indestructibleBig Chews are made of extra tough nylon, infused with flavors dogs love best. Built strong enough to survive even the largest, heavy-duty chewers. Kennel tested, veterinarian approved and made in the USA. Please specify 7-1/4" Bone (chicken flavored) or 7-1/2" Turkey Leg…

    As low as $12.99

    Nylabone Durables

    *Dog chews with bone-hard texture for the most powerful chewers*3 delicious flavors*Made with super durable nylonFlavor-enhanced, tough dog chews made from pure nylon. The bone-hard texture of the chew toy wears down slowly for splinter-free plaque and tartar control for improved dental health. Excellent…

    As low as $1.99

    Filled Dog Bones by Red Barn

    …femur bones from beef cattle are stuffed with a wholesome, flavorful mixture to give your dog two treats in one. First, he'll wrap his teeth around the hard bone exterior (receiving teeth-cleaning benefits as he chews), and then he'll lick out the delicious soft filling from the ends. Bones are available…

    As low as $11.89

    Healthy Edibles Natural Dog Chews

    bones --> * Hard, bone-shaped dog treat helps scrape teeth clean * No plastic, added salt, sugar, or artificial colors * Low in fat - low in calories Gourmet health chews are tasty, completely edible and highly digestible. Supplies a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional rawhide. Hard, bone-…

    As low as $2.99

    Nylabone Durable Shapes

    *Dog chew toys with bone-hard texture*Flavored with real meat juices*Made with super, durable nylon*Can be washed in soap and waterSatisfy your dog's urge to chew with long-lasting Nylabone Durable Shapes. The bone-hard texture wears down slowly and will not break or splinter. Excellent for the determined…

    As low as $3.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Healthy Chews with Sweet Potatoes

    The natural goodness of sweet potatoes in a hard-textured, healthy treat ideal for supporting your dog's dental health. Plus, Drs. Foster and Smith Healthy Chews with Sweet Potatoes are gluten-free and low in fat, making them a great treat choice for dogs with digestive sensitivities and/or calorie-restricted…

    As low as $12.99

    Drs. Foster and Smith Signature Series Bones and Chews

    …USA. Each offers teeth-cleaning and gum-massage benefits as your pet chews. No artificial colors or preservatives. Fresh-from-the-grill aroma oozes from our smoke-flavored Femur Slices. 1" thick beef femur bone slices offer super-hard, teeth-cleaning texture and tail-wagging flavor pets cannot resist.…

    As low as $1.99

    Himalayan Churpi Chews

    …gluten-free chews impart the slight smell of cheese, which naturally attracts dogs. The bone-hard chews soften as your dog works them, for a long-lasting, high-protein, and low-fat chewing experience dogs love. Choose Regular Churpi Chews or Micro Puffs, which are small pieces of Churpi Chews puffed up…

    As low as $5.99

    Busy Buddy Bouncy Dog Bone

    …give dogs chewing variety * Replaceable treats reward dogs for their hard work Challenge your dog to work for the treats on each of these multi-textured dog bones. Refillable nylon bone toys banish doggie boredom and help foster dental health. Bouncy Bone combines three chews - durable bone, rubber ball…

    As low as $3.99

    Nylabone Dental Chews for Dogs

    …imagine, meat-flavored Dental Chews can "nip" dental problems in the bud with their unique raised nubs. Bone shaped Gumabones are designed for soft and average chewing dogs. Bone-hard Nylabone Dino comes in assorted shapes and is perfect for your super chewer.Make sure the chew is the appropriate size for…

    As low as $1.99

    Antler Chews for Dogs

    …flavor dogs cannot resist. Bone-hard texture helps clean teeth, massage gums, and exercise jaws as your dog chews. A natural source of collagen, calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients. No dyes or preservatives. Please note: Elk Antler Chews will vary in size. Shop all Bones & Rawhide. Please click on…

    As low as $3.99

    Mega Bones and Mega Bones Jr.

    …-sized biscuits are hard-baked for a tough texture and a longer, more satisfying chewing experience. Mega Bones and Mega Bones Jr. also help support strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath as your dog chews. Made of only natural North American ingredients, Mega Bones and Mega Bones Jr. contain no corn…

    As low as $1.69

    Booda Bones

    …* Dental bones massage gums and scrape plaque as your dog chews Give your dog a hard-textured, wheat-free bone that massages gums and cleans teeth. The chew's bumpy surface assists your at-home dental care routine and helps fight plaque build-up. These treats also satisfy your dog's chew cravings. Made…

    As low as $5.99

    Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Bristle Chew

    …dog's chewing, offering plaque-scraping, tooth-cleaning action - even in hard to reach places. The smooth, rounded edges of the brush offer gentle gum massage. This durable dental chew features an easy-to-carry shape and provides a great way for dogs to "brush their own teeth."Non-edible, bone-hard nylon…

    As low as $4.99

    Long Lasting Chewz by Pet 'N Shape

    chews are also fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin, so they help maintain your dog's healthy joints. The hard outer texture helps clean your dog's teeth as he chews. Plus, they contain NO wheat, corn or soy. Please specify Chicken or Sweet Potato flavor. Offered in:2-pk 4" Bones, Single 6" Bone,…

    As low as $4.99

    SmartBones, SmartSticks, and SmartChips

    …They offer the hard texture and oral-health benefits of a rawhide chew - without the rawhide. Their grain-based outer shells contain a delicious mix of corn, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. Inside, a delectable ribbon made with real dried chicken encourages your pet to keep chewing. Mint flavor Dental…

    As low as $3.99

    Nylabone Pro Action Dental Chew

    * Triple-texture dental chew cleans teeth and massages gums * Satisfies a dog's natural chewing urges and is ideal for powerful chewers * Hard nubs and ridges on ends scrape teeth clean; softer middle massages gums Long-lasting dental toy can be an important part of your dog's oral care. Three different…

    As low as $3.39

    Breath-Less Brushless-ToothPaste Chews

    …Brushless-ToothPaste Chews offer a hard, ridged exterior that delivers mechanical cleaning action as your dog chews. Inside, patented dog toothpaste boosts the cleaning power of this rice-based chew. Chew contains Stay-C™, source of Vitamin C, which is a key ingredient in dental health. Chew also features…

    As low as $5.99

    Little Grillerz 6-pk Bones

    Dogs love the texture and flavor of a REAL bone. These bone treats are slow roasted to perfection and wrapped to seal in the delicious flavor. The hard texture helps clean your pet's teeth while chewing. Little Grillerz are made in the USA. The Pork Knuckles and Pork Femur Center Cuts are ideal for small…

    As low as $6.99

    Paras Pets Milkotein Dog Treat Bars

    …with lot more protein to keep your dog fit. In fact, this is where its name comes from (Milkotein = Milk + Protein). It is hard as a bone but without the risks of real bones. Safe, long-lasting dog treat will keep your pup happily entertained for long periods of time. Milkotein Dog Treat is also low…

    As low as $5.89

    Dingo Doubles 2-in-1 Dog Treat

    …give your small or medium dog a delicious reward and dental treat in one scrumptious bone-shaped chew. Each low-fat, fully digestible Dingo Doubles 2-in-1 Dog Treat features a hard texture that offers lasting chewing challenge while helping to reduce tartar and massage gums. Joint Care Formula also contains…

    As low as $3.99

    Paragon Pets Whimzees

    Offer a stronger, better-tasting chew treat in hilarious or useful shapes that are not only fun to eat, but contain all-natural, vegetarian ingredients, and have shapes that help remove plaque to support your dog's dental health. Vegetable-based hard-textured chews have a taste dogs drool over.Each…

    As low as $12.99
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